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Tiny Houses of Memory Lane

Tiny Houses
If you have visited Memory Lane Photo Spot you have seen our tiny houses.  
What is a tiny house? 
Misconceptions abound!  Let’s start with what a tiny house is NOT.  A tiny house is not a shed, it’s not a “cuartito” (small room) and it’s not a children’s play house.
A tiny house is a fully functional but tiny sized home.  Most tiny houses are less than 500 square feet.  They are designed to be a full time dwelling for one or two people.
There is a movement of people in our country who are choosing to live in tiny houses.

Why choose a tiny house?

There are many advantages to living in a smaller house. 
To start with, there is a big financial advantage to choosing a small home!  Tiny houses cost a lot less than standard sized houses.  This allows for more of the owner’s income to go toward other things – travel, saving, investing, and giving.  Tiny houses can be fully cooled with a window unit AC and heated with a space heater or wood burning stove in winter.  This allows for very reasonable energy costs.
A second big advantage is the ability to live a more simple, less cluttered life.  Big houses tend to accumulate things.  Things you will never use.  And trash.  Let’s be honest.  Sometimes we store trash inside our homes because we have the space to do it.  It’s always amazes me how much stuff I end up throwing away and giving away when I move.  This cannot happen in a tiny house!  There is no space to accumulate excess unneeded stuff! 
I love this article on the advantages of living in a small or tiny house. 
Are all tiny houses the same?
Not at all!
There are many shapes and styles of tiny houses!  Some are designed to be on wheels.  Some are modern creations, and some have been around for decades.
We have designed and built our tiny houses of reclaimed materials.  My husband has deconstructed old homes for the materials and reused them in his artistic tiny houses.  Because some of the reclaimed building materials are difficult to find, we have to buy some materials from other deconstructionists.
We have enjoyed several tours to Tiny Texas Houses in Luling, Texas.  This company also creates unique tiny houses from reclaimed materials, albeit on a much larger scale than we do here. 
If you would like to see more tiny houses available throughout the country check out Tiny House Listings.
Is a tiny house right for you?
We built Tiny House #1 with the idea that we would sell it and have it moved to the buyer’s property.  However, once it was built we fell in love with it!  So we decided to keep it here at Memory Lane Photo Spot to be used by professional photographers for their photo shoots.

We built Tiny House #2 with the intention to move it to a small property in Palmview, Texas and rent it out.  If you would like to rent tiny house #2 please contact us!  We will be taking rental applications soon. 
We intend to build and rent out many more tiny houses in the future.  We estimate it will take about 4-6 months until another tiny house will be available.  If you would like to be notified when we have a tiny house available for rent contact us and we would be glad to put you on our waiting list.

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